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Cancellation of my transfer(s)?

If you cancel your transfer within 7 days of arrival, NO refund will be applied. If you require any further assistance with a receipt for insurance claims, we will provide this accordingly. Between your time of booking and with more than 7 days of your journey with us, we will provide a full refund minus an administration cost of €25 per journey. Thank you for your understanding.

Where will I meet my driver in the airport?

In winter, if you are arriving at the weekend you will need to make your way to the Green Tekoe Tea Shop. As you enter the arrivals hall after collecting your baggage, turn left and you will be greeted by one of transfer drivers holding a board with your name on it. 

Please note that if you have booked a shared transfer your driver may not be waiting for you as soon as you come through into arrivals, as you may be sharing a bus with other passengers who arrive on slightly later flights than you. If this is the case, please wait by the Green Tekoe Tea Shop, and your driver will meet you here. If you have any concerns then please text the the number provided on your booking confirmation. Once you have met up with your driver, he/she will then help you to your transfer vehicle, which will be situated in the nearest car park that we are allowed to park in.

What will happen if it is taking a long time for me to get from the plane into the arrivals hall?

On a busy day at the airport we allow up to 1 Hour for passengers to exit from their plane and to make their way through passport control & customs, to collect their luggage and to come through into the arrivals hall to meet their driver. If for some reason you are delayed during this process and think it will take you longer than 1 hour (for example if your luggage is missing), please telephone immediately so that we can plan for your delay. Please also make sure you have your mobile phone switched on as we may be trying to get hold of you if you are taking a while to come through. If you are unduly delayed and you haven’t contacted us about your delay, or we are unable to contact you because your mobile phone is switched off, or we do not have the correct contact details for you from your booking, then dependent on the driver schedule he/she may have to leave without you.

What happens if my plane is delayed?

If you know before your scheduled take off time that you are going to be delayed please let us know immediately, (before you take off) as this will help us to plan for your delay.

If you have booked a private transfer, we anticipate waiting up to two hours from your original scheduled arrival time, IF your airline has provided a revised land time and assuming we have the flexibility in our immediate schedule. We will arrange for your collection as soon as convenient. It may be the case that you need to go on a shared transfer in order to be accommodated and in this case no refund will be offered. In the rare case of extreme delays over 4 hours we may not be able to pick you up till later due to restrictions in drivers hours.

If you have booked a shared transfer your driver will be able to wait up to one hour (as standard) from when your plane is scheduled to arrive, for you to clear the baggage area and for you to make your way into the arrivals hall. After this time it will be at his/her discretion. This will depend on other scheduling commitments for example: whether he/she has to depart right away for another collection, or whether there are other passengers on your bus already in the arrivals hall waiting to transfer to resort. Should this happen, you will be notified and the relevant procedure will take place as per our terms and conditions.

What is a shared transfer?

A shared transfer is a vehicle leaving the airport or your resort with more than you or your party on board; it is likely to be shared with other passengers. Shared transfer terms apply. Up to 2 hours wait after orignal flight arrival time.

What is a private transfer?

A private transfer is a transfer that is booked solely by you and your party and will have no other clients on board. It will not be stopping to collect or drop off anybody else on route to your given destination. Private terms and conditions apply.

I would like to book a transfer from a train station or a hotel and not the airport, is this possible?

For a hotel booking you will need to book through our ‘contact us’ link and state exactly where you require collecting from, where you are going to and at what time. You will then receive a quote and if accepted and subsequently paid for you will then receive a booking confirmation. Please note this service is only possible when booking a private transfer. All terms and conditions apply.

I land on the French side of Geneva airport. What do I have to do?

If you land on the French side of the airport then you must make your way over to the arrivals area on the Swiss side of the airport where your driver will meet up with you in the aforementioned area.

Group bookings: Some of the members of my party are arriving at different times, how does this work for my booking?

If you want to book a private transfer then you must book your transfer with the arrival time of the LAST flight to arrive in your group. Any members of your party arriving prior to this flight will have to wait until the last flight passengers have cleared arrivals. Please also provide us with the flight details (arrival time, flight number and number of passengers) for the earlier passengers, please put it in the notes section on your booking. Your driver will be at the aforementioned place to meet you based on the time of the last flight arriving in your group.

If you want to book a shared transfer for a group, where passengers are arriving on different flights, you have two options. The first is to book the shared transfer option separately for each part of your group who arrive on different flights. The other option is to book the whole group on to a shared transfer, based on the time of the last flight arriving. Please note however (depending on the size of your group) that there is no guarantee that a group booked on a shared transfer will all travel together, as per the terms & conditions of shared transfers.

What is the deadline for an online transfer to be booked?

You must book your online transfer no later than 48hrs prior to your flight departure. You must have received your booking confirmation before you can consider your transfer booked. You will also be required to show it to your driver, (if asked) as it is your ticket. If you are in any doubt at all as to whether you will meet the deadline then please email us and we will deal with your booking promptly.

What resorts do you service?

For a full list of the resorts that we cover please see ‘Resorts’. However, if you do not see your destination on the list and it is in our service area then please email us for a quote.

Are there any extra charges after our booking has been taken?

There are no extra charges relating to your booking after you have received your booking confirmation unless any of the circumstances mentioned in our ‘terms and conditions’ arise.

What do I do if I can’t find my driver?

If you cannot find your driver then please call the number that is on your booking confirmation.

How long will I wait after I’ve met my driver until we leave for resort?

It depends on the type of transfer you have booked. If you have a private transfer booked then you will leave immediately. If you are booked on a shared transfer then you could be required to wait around 2 hours, after your orignal flight arrival time. Eg: your flight arrives at 13.00h your pick up is 14.00h on shared you could be expected to wait until 15.00h max.

When I’m leaving resort where will I be collected from?

You will be collected from the address that you put on your booking forms. Please see ‘terms and conditions’ regarding any changes to this information.

What happens if I’m running late for my departure time?

If you are on a private transfer then it is entirely at the discretion of the driver how long they can wait for you. This will depend on whether he/she has other scheduled commitments. If you are on a shared transfer then the driver will wait no longer than five minutes, after which time he will have no choice but to leave without you.

How long before my flight departs, will I be collected in resort?

For private transfers we aim to collect clients around 4 hours prior to your flight departure time. For a shared transfer your collection time can vary and can be anywhere from 3.5 – 5 hours before your flight departure time.

How do I know what time I will be collected from resort for my departure?

You will receive a text to the mobile phone number you provided on your transfer booking, the evening before your departure. If for some reason you have not received a departure time text please contact the office.

Can I change my drop off time at the airport for a time that differs from my actual flight departure?

Yes you can, but your request must have been received & processed at the CHATEL Transfer office no less than 48 hours before your proposed departure. Please note that restrictions within your booked service level will apply. Any amendments after this time are at the discretion of Chatel Transfer management. Please do not ask your driver to make any amendments, only the office can do this. Please see terms & conditions.

Is the price for adults, children and babies different?

No, the price quoted is the price per seat, it does not differentiate between adults, children and babies. Babies are not allowed to travel on the knee of another passenger to save on seat bookings. 

Policy on infants eating and drinking in the vehicles

We kindly ask that you do not supply food or  fizzy drinks to your children in the vehicle or just before getting into the vehicles. From our experience feeding young children in the vehicle going up the mountain can have an adverse effect making them sick. In circumstances of our vehicles being left with remnants of food, drink or illness, a minimum levy of €75 will be requested to cover the cleaning costs. We also suggest young children do not use tablets or phones as this causes sickness.

Smoking and Alcohol policy?

Under no terms is alcohol to be consumed in the vehicles. Any person considered to be drunk prior to arriving at the vehicle and a potential danger or nuisance to the driver or other passengers will also be refused to travel in the vehicle. No smoking in the vehicles is permitted.

Do you provide baby and booster seats?

We can provide baby seats and backless booster seats, but these MUST be mentioned at the time of booking. Failure to do so could result in one not being provided for your transfer and the possibility that the driver does not allow that child to travel without one, as it is illegal.

Does my baby or child need a baby or booster seat?

If your child requires a booster seat in their own country of residence then they also require one in France. The seatbelt must sit across the child’s shoulder correctly when they are sat on a seat, a booster must be used if the driver deems it necessary .The requirement of a booster must be mentioned on your original booking request. Failure to do so could result in one not being provided for your transfer and the possibility that the driver does not allow that child to travel.

What happens if I need to collect or return keys to a letting agent ?

This MUST be mentioned at the time of booking your transfer. We will need to have the correct full address of your letting agent, and you must check that if you are to arrive out of office hours that the keys will be available to collect. Please also make sure you have the full address of your accommodation (before you travel) from your letting agent. Our drivers will not be able to wait around and help you indefinitely if there is a problem.

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